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Welcome to BurroWiki (name suggestions appreciated), a private-access site. You must be logged in to view or edit most pages, contact Grahams if you feel you should have an account.

The purpose of this Wiki is to act as a community whiteboard for a group of friends who are all connected through Rochester, NY and the Rochester Institute of Technology. While the initial intention of this site was to discuss our various yearly activities, including parties such as the Halloween Party and the Summer Outing as well as other events like Fucked Up Movie Night, feel free to use it as you wish. Since this is a "closed" site, and we are all friends, if you see something you want to add or change, go for it.

Machine Failure

The machine that has been hosting the wiki since October,, has failed, taking with it BurroWiki. What you see here is a snapshot of the Moo from the end of October (I believe, after the 2006 Halloween Party). It will remain read only until it is clear that there is no chance of reviving

Interesting Subjects

  • Music Requests - A list of music people would like to hear
  • Seant's misc lambda projects - A short list of things wasting Sean's time.
  • iorek - Information and status reports
  • Logo - Some information on the fantastic BurroWiki logo created by Casey
  • Modafinil - Experiments and observations by various people regarding Modafinal (trade name Provigil, Alertec)