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Meal Prep Etiquette, Expectations, and Coordination



This page will be the authoritative list of who is preparing what meals. Be honest with yourself but don't be afraid to try something big. The idea is that if you commit here, people will not have other plans for food in that time period, and while folks might not be able to really chow down, but there will usually be enough for everybody to have portion. That said, people who go hungry have only themselves to blame. You are offering to prepare a meal, not taking charge of someone's diet.

If you would like to prepare a meal, but can not edit the wiki, please email


If you can't make a slot, clear it quickly so that A) people can make other arrangements and B) someone else can step up. Those who are not cooking will be expected to help with clean up, but you are not exempt from being responsible for your own messes. Try to plan ahead as much as possible and get your ducks in a row to avoid lots of shouting, "Kelly! Where is X?" in the midst of merriment or childcare. Also try to be mindful of regular operations at the house (specifically meal prep for Sophus and other sacred household rituals), so that you can clear a little space to keep them running smoothly.

RULES: There aren't any rules, as such, but we can offer some guidance as to what history has shown to be Bad

  • do not sign up for more than three full "meals"
  • do not sign up to cook everything for any particular day
  • Sophus is on a special diet. If you want him to be able to eat something, foods must comply with what is found on dropbox.


Shopping List

Acquisition of ingredients is usually a very fluid and organic process. In the interest of maximizing utility and equity, try and provide as much of your own ingredients as you can, with the exception of common items between dishes, where you can coordinate quantities and availability amongst yourselves. Make sure to compensate people who go on grocery runs or talk with them to "make things right", since these trips can add up. In the slots below, describe the meal and the dishes that will comprise it, along with two lists of ingredients: those you will bring or provide yourself and those you will need from the shared pile. We hope to be able to use this page to plan our grocery runs to make them as efficient as possible. Where appropriate, provide rough amounts, and make sure to update your list if things change. Some good things it *is* possible to have too much of. If you have a complementary dish for a slot (for instance, a side or a dessert) make sure to talk to the person preparing the main dish.

Meal Slots



Lunch all day everyday

Lunch is usually whatever people can find hanging around on the counters or on the floor. Or Smarties. Put alternatives here.










  • Congee + myriad of toppings (Fletchlight & Hobag)




  • TACOS?
  • Tacos.