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TED-style presentations except, you know...unTED. Spread your uhhh... "ideas."

Scheduling and Timing

In keeping with the guidelines for TED talks, please try and limit your talk in length. 10 minutes is a good target length (not including a short Q&A period). Individuals exceeding 15 minutes will be aggressively heckled, unless the majority of listeners chooses to allow them more time (similar to the Roman Senate's method of using waterclocks).

Past years have shown that dinner time is the best time for unTEDs, since everyone is more-or-less present. We'll be aiming to maintain that. Or lunchish. We'll figure it out and post times. Promise.

Confirmed Talks

Title Presenter Proposed Day/Time
The American Ritual Cycle Super Secret Presenter Friday @ 18:00
Get your Kitchen in Shape Adam and Graham Proposed Friday @ 18:15
Breastfeeding: maybe not as fun as you think Basho (visuals by SeanT) Proposed Friday (around dinnertime)
The Solution: a really short crash course on resilience / a case for the retention of inefficiency in the right places Michael Chang (live from New Mexico) Proposed Saturday 18:00 ET
<untitled talk on DnD style RPGs> jason kielbasa TBD

Prior Years