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Some of the most dangerous drugs aren't on the streets...

They are under your sink.

Welcome to the Annual Halloween Party Wiki: your one stop shop for photos/videos from previous parties, recipes of some foods served, tee shirt designs, and upcoming plans as well as a FAQ for folks that can't seem to figure out what exactly a multi-day party encompasses.

This page is publicly viewable, but not everything it links to is Public. Pages which begin with the name Public: are world-readable. If you click on a link and it asks you for a login, and feel like you should be able to get to that content, please contact an Administrator, like Grahams and request an account.

Also, remember the public nature of this page when editing it. Only add content which you are comfortable with the whole world seeing.

If there's something you'd like to know about or see here, let the host and hostess know.

-The Hosts, emeriti.

Dates and Location

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, biatch!
La Calavera Catrina
Baron La Croix
  • 2018 - Wednesday 31 October through Sunday 4 November.

The address is:

 2106 River Rd, Manchester, VT		


Please visit to get a sense for what the rental location is like.

All overnight guests will be given complimentary earplugs in case they wish to try to sleep through revelry.

The house opens at 4pm on Wednesday, and they kick us out at 11am on Sunday.

Fundraising (a.k.a. How the heck are we paying for this venue?)

75% (as of 10/21/2018)

At 2013's party, the Hosts announced that, given the inability of everyone to stay at the same house for the length of the party, that it was time for us to move the party to a larger venue.

This does mean that we are asking for donations to help cover the rental cost. Based on some back-of-the-envelope calculations on what people have been paying to rent hotel rooms, rooms at bed-and-breakfasts, and houses, we think renting this location will end up being cheaper overall, AND allow us to all be under one roof for the duration of the party.

Please don’t think this is a pay-to-play situation. The Hosts have been very concerned about that idea for years because we acknowledge financial realities. If you can contribute to this cause, please do, but even if you can't, you should still come! If we have the same number of people attend this year’s party, and if people pay what they paid for hotels at previous H-Parties, we should be able to hit our financial goal.

One-time Payments

User:AdamF has volunteered to be in charge of the financials, and you can donate funds using paypal, cash, or check:

  • Venmo: @adamfblahblah
  • Paypal:
  • Address for checks: TBD

Subscription/Monthly Payments

jwm has volunteered to run a PayPal subscription, so you can contribute Monthly to the hParty fund (as opposed to needing to kick in one big chunk right before the party). Contact him if you have any questions, or you can sign up here.

jwm is looking for volunteers to take over bookkeeping for HParty PayPal subscriptions. He can give you the credentials to the HParty PayPal account, it mostly runs itself. If nobody steps up, we'll stop doing subscriptions after this upcoming HParty.

Words of Wisdom

Little did they know that the punch had already been jammed full of caffeine and modafinil.

'And ye harm none do what thou wilt'

Keep in mind, however, that there might be small children around some of the time. Along those lines:

  • There are various signs up helping with behavior choices.
  • No slipping minors candy, alcohol, drugs or even juice (without clearing it past parents).
  • When in doubt, ask the Hosts or a representative of the Hosts(Moarloks)

Three bowls do I mix for the Temperate:

  • One to health--which they empty first--the second to love and pleasure, the third to sleep. When this bowl is drunk up, wise guests go home.
  • The fourth bowl is ours no longer, but belongs to violence,
  • the fifth to uproar,
  • the sixth to drunken revel,
  • the seventh to black eyes,
  • the eighth is the policeman's,
  • the ninth belongs to biliousness,
  • and the tenth to madness and the hurling of furniture.

-Eubulus, 375BCE, writing on wine.

Once more, with feeling..


Don't be hating on the axes: Dr. Father might be disappointed.


Projected cost: TBA.

Probably ~$30 per shirt.

To place orders, contact:
Include Size and Color (Grey or Blue)
Send order by 12pm EDT on Monday 10/22!!!

RSVP - (Please give projected arrival time and sleeping arrangements)

Please RSVP via email as soon as possible as much planning has to occur to pull this party off.

Halloween Party Invite List 2018.

Slack Backchannel

There is a Slack channel available for communications leading up to and during the party. If you have an email address, you can sign yourself up for the Imaginary Bridges Slack group here. Otherwise, email grahams and he'll send an invite to whichever email address you prefer.

List of Activities and Things to Expect

Dr. Sean T. Hammond's Companion

Wednesday Events


Thursday Events

Kelly-G Spots Practice

Friday Events

Kelly G-Spots RAWK

Saturday Events

800a : Learn how to Deadlift (field trip -- ride leaves at 750a, $15 gym fee, talk to weaver Friday night)


and maybe, if you are D&D noob, D&D for noobs!

Intermittent Events

  • Hiking!
  • Astrophotography!
  • Playing music with instruments!

Halloween Party Music

If you play an instrument that is roughly portable, people will want to make music with you. For song ideas and suggestions you should see at:


  • AdamF let's do some karaoke in 2018!


Important note: Sophus is on a special diet. If you want him to be able to eat something, foods must comply with what is found on dropbox.

Public:Hparty Meal Prep Signups

The management would like to better arrange the food situation for the party. The set up will be the following. If you are interested in fixing a particular dish or even a whole meal, you sign up for a particular time slot. We will need main chefs for meals and helper bees. No one person will be allowed to be a main chef for more than one full day of cooking, or more than three meals. When you sign up for service, you can declare a bunch of dishes you choose to cook, or you can wing it with local produce you find and choose to use. So sign up and give as much info or as little as you choose. If you plan to cook certain dishes, food may be purchased ahead of time if you tell us what you'll need.

Recipes We Liked

Needful Things

For 2018

  • kitty wine
  • bluetooth speakers for the kitchen & other rooms
  • a bluetooth to 1/8" audio jack adaptor
  • maybe cat5 to run in the walls
  • an 8 or more port ethernet switch
  • unifi pro access point(s)
  • A label maker that people know about
  • a few power strips for the rooms
  • move a TV into the ballroom?
  • lights for the ballroom
  • more people hanging out in the ballroom when the live music is on
  • a call to action that by one hour before checkout all the food/beer/etc is up for grabs
  • signups for post-meal cleanup and late-night cleanup in addition to meal prep signup
  • current records: ping pong: 3-way consecutive hits: 12 (adamf, jesstess, rory), 2-way: 33 (rory, grahams) basketball: consecutive shots hit any distance: 7 (sophus) consecutive 3 pointers: 1 (grahams) consecutive foul shots: 4 (rory)
  • A tracking mount for astrophotography
  • HDMI switcher to ease TV/the-one-cable issues
  • 2 or 4 oven thermometers
  • 2 sets of measuring cups
  • 2 sets of measuring spoons
  • An accusharp
  • A scale
  • Putting some butcher paper up in a central location to write times on for dinner/other events
  • Laundry detergent (ideally some non-scented one)
  • Dryer sheets
  • Dishwashing detergent (those pods + some palmolive shit and two sponges)

Pack Lists


  • 2 capos
  • Lots of guitar picks
  • A pack of acoustic guitar strings


  • Tech/Gaming
    • 2 PS Move Controllers
    • Bluetooth Dongle
    • Raspberry Pi 2
    • Steam Link
  • Tabletop
    • Crokinole
    • Pucket
    • Ticket To Ride
    • Poker Supplies
  • Kitchen
    • Baking Steel
    • Crock Pot
    • Measuring Cups/Spoons
    • Knives and Sharpeners
    • Joule Sous Vide Circulator
    • Cooler (for Sous Vide or normal Cooler shit)
  • Music/Radio
    • Acoustic/Electric Guitar
    • Capo
    • Tuner
    • Noble Rot (dated)
    • Radio Gear (Mixer, cables, etc).

ryan mw:

  • Tech/Gaming
    • Wii U + Super Mario Maker
    • GearVR + Keep Talking
    • label maker
  • House
    • laundry detergent & dryer sheets
    • Dobie pads
    • dishwasher detergent


  • HDMI switch w/ analog audio out
  • 8 port GbE switch
  • 4x 100' cat5 cables
  • Wii (mario kart)
  • PS3 (rocksmith)
  • Fire TV stick
  • electric guitar
  • telescope (?)

Past is Prologue

Post Party Wrap up

What worked? What didn't? Help plan for the next one!

  • Better wifi needed

Previous Parties


Shirts from previous parties

Media from previous parties

Each year, the party generates an a diverse array of images, music and video. You can look at previous year's media here.

unTEDs: wat?